Automated Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Prevention for Computer / Server Rooms

Because an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A Picture of SAM (model 3010)

SAM is an integrated hardware / software solution to the problem of protecting computer / server hardware, software and data from environmental hazards.

INTRA COMPUTER's Philosophy on Disaster Prevention

As the leader in automated computer / server room protection, INTRA COMPUTER has created an effective and affordable system for the prevention of Computer / Server Room disasters. SAM's unique capabilities make it a valuable addition to both fully staffed and unattended sites, and a welcome complement to corporate disaster recovery plans.

Experts have long proclaimed that the keys to effective disaster prevention are:

  1. Early detection of irregular conditions.
  2. Swift action by responsible personnel.

But SAM is more than just an Early Warning System or a high tech Security Guard. SAM can take protective action if the reported conditions are not corrected.

SAM Monitors the Computer / Server Room Environment

SAM monitors all aspects of the computer /server room environment including Temperature, Humidity, Water, Smoke, Air-Flow, Power and Intrusion. SAM comes with a wide variety of sensors and can easily connect to any in-place security system.

INTRA's Front-End processor, the SAM System, stands between your protected computer system (DEC VAXs or Alphas running VMS, Servers running UNIX or WIN NT 4.0 )* and environmental sensors placed in the computer / server room.

SAM's Host Control Software (source code provided) runs on your protected system. The Host Control Software uses simple ASCII commands to poll the SAM Front-End Processor on a periodic basis via an asychnronous RS-232 interface. It maintains a history file on the protected computer / server of measured values and actions for event analysis.

SAM Calls People for HELP When There's Trouble

When a monitored parameter (such as temperature, power, humidity or water level) goes out of normal range, SAM can:

  • Broadcast Alert Messages to all or selected Users on the System, advising of a problem in the computer / server room and suggesting that they begin to log-out (messages and destination may be customized)
  • Send Warning Emails to System Administrators with WIN NT 4.0
  • Activate local / remote Alarm Bells
  • Activate an Auto-Dialer with Synthesized Voice, which can call an:
    • Air-Conditioning Repairman
    • System / Operations Manager
    • Security Personnel

for help (also calls persons with beepers / pagers).

  • Record the event to a History File
  • Dial out, via Modem, to remote locations that may have a journal printer or computer system waiting to dispatch a service team before the situation becomes dangerous.

SAM Protects Computers and Data When There's Danger

If no one responds to SAM's alarms in time, and the situation becomes dangerous, or if nobody responds appropriately, SAM can automatically and gracefully close open files on the protected system and power it off BEFORE costly damage occurs; precisely the same action trained managers would take if they were on the site and aware of all the parameters that SAM can be watching.

SAM Can Pay For Itself 10 Times Over The First Time Called Into Action

Typically costing under $10,000, a fully configured SAM System can save your company over $50,000 per incident or $300,000 per year (source DEC PROFESSIONAL Survey*).

The SAM System Front-End

SAM System Sensors and Resources

NEW- Download our Environmental Monitoring Software for WinNT/XP/7/10 , which allows your SAM to Communicate with your PC or Server.

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An Interesting Application of a SAM System at NIH labs**

NIH customizes SAM host interface software to put real time temperature and history on the INTERNET

Your Information is Vital to Your Company's Survival, Protect it with a SAM System.

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