Environmental Incidents in the Computer Room by Frequency of Occurrence

  1. Over Temperature
    • Failure of Primary / Back-Up Air Conditioning Systems
    • UPS keeps CPUs alive while Air Conditioning is off


  1. Water Flow
    • Condensation overflow from Air Conditioning Systems
    • Ruptured water pipes
    • Structural leaks from outside the building
    • Leaks from other building tenants


  1. AC Power Irregularities
    • Over/Under Voltage
    • Spikes, Drops and Black-Outs
    • High Frequency Noise
    • Failure of Back-Up Generators
    • UPS Failure


  1. Restricted Air-Flow
    • Failure of chassis fans
    • Blockage of Air Conditioning ducts


  1. Personnel Intrusion
    • Accidental incidents
    • Burglary
    • Malicious mischief


  1. Improper Humidity
    • Too High Causes Oxidation of Electronic Components
    • Too Low Causes Problems from Static Electricity


  1. Dust Pollution
    • Thermal Insulation
    • Disk/Tape Drive Contamination


  1. Smoke / Fire
    • Contamination from Smoke
    • Thermal Damage
    • Halon Recovery and Clean-Up


Probability of an Environmental Incident Stopping Computer Operations During the Next 12 Months

Number of Environmental Incidents Reported Per - Site / Per - Year

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